Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fall Baking

I love my girls. I was doubly blessed with two, very different but totally lovable. They both like to do crafty girly things though and luckily so do I. Yesterday the 2 oldest kids were at someone's house, so I thought it would be a great time for Princess and me to bond. She is such a little mother already though that she could not resist stopping in the middle and creating a "baby daycare" for her 2 baby brothers to be entertained.

 "Baby daycare" actually turned into a disco party after this so, we got so far as making the cookie dough and saved the rest for when big sis got home.

 We made colored sprinkles with all natural dyes. I would love to show you that pic but it is upside down and I am technically impaired.

So, here was my idea, fall leaves and items with varying fall themed colors of gold, orange, and red, a perfect baking plan, right? Well, we all know how perfect plans turn out. Here's what I had in mind.....

Here's what we turned out.

What is up with the direction of these pictures? I am pretty sure Alton Brown has an episode with tips on how to make perfect cookie cutter sugar cookies. We didn't use these tips. Anyway, some other holidays snuck in there too... there's the gingerbread man for Christmas, the Valentine's heart, and oh yea, don't forget the dinosaur, he is totally decked out for fall. Ok, here's the photo op-

The final product got finished in time for dinner and was an excellent motivation for The Little Guy eating his peas. Score.

Happy Fall everyone.

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