Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's that time of year...

  So the commercial world is ready for Christmas, crazy, right? I found myself singing along to "Frosty the Snowman" the other day and then thought to myself "If I am singing about Frosty now, I am going to want to punch him by Dec. 25th." 

  And the toy catalogs are coming in by the droves. The children become preoccupied with them. And of course, any good mother would rip these away and say "This is not what it's all about!" or "Don't you know it is better to give than to receive?" or "Christmas is not about presents!". But, see how it brings a family together?


Even The Little Guy who is never occupied easily, is found "reading" quietly in the morning.

 And look with what concentration The Eldest reads the catalog below, If only the same passion were poured into his math lessons.

Even daddy gets roped in. Actually, my oldest is one smart cookie, he KNOWS who St. Nick is in this house.

But all jokes aside, come Advent, we sort of go against the flow over here. We actually celebrate Advent first, then we celebrate Christmas. I know, bizarre. The way we explain it to the kids is, would you celebrate your birthday a month before the big event? and eat cake every day and  say "Happy Birthday!" before it is time? It would get pretty old by your birthday right? (come on work with me people,...maybe I shouldn't have used the "cake every day" analogy). Anyway, we get ready by doing good works, preparing our hearts, that sort of thing, but we don't pull out the Christmas videos or music until Christmas Eve. We hide baby Jesus until Christmas, when he is born...and you know what? It makes it soooo much more exciting to celebrate something when you have waited. And instead of putting it all up the next day, (I mean, if I am going to work my tail off to put up a tree and lights, can't we revel in it a bit?) we celebrate for 12 days! You know that song about the 12 days of Christmas? Yep, it's real. We celebrate it. We're such rebels. So, I am sorry to disappoint, but I will not be donning my reindeer antlers just yet (ok, actually never) and honestly can we at least talk about the pilgrims and eat turkey and dressing first before singing "Jingle Bells" ? I'm just sayin'.

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  1. ARGH! We've gotten the toy catalogs, too! They've turned Joaquin, who is my most spirtually-minded child, into a consumer driven greed machine. It's awful.
    I'm hiding all further toy catalogs.
    Our new parish is having an advent wreath making activity on the 21st. They're providing everything, and Father will bless the creations at the end. Lotus and I are totally geeked!