Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Morning with the Little Guy

I have a  confession to make, I am not a morning person. This does not mean I do not get up early sometimes, it just means I prefer to have as little human contact as possible until about an hour after waking. Growing up, my father was always a "go getter" in the morning. This is probably why he has always been so successful. Anyway, he used to wake us up for school by flipping the overhead lights on, and singing his original version of one of our favorite Christian rock songs by Degarmo and Key, "Are You Ready". The lyrics were "Are you ready, are you ready, to sit by his throne? Are you ready, are you ready, not to be alone? Someone's coming to take you home if you're ready He will carry you home..." but dad would sing "Are you ready, are you ready to go to school..." and so on. This was followed by a quick removal of the covers and a barrage of good morning kisses. Now, don't get me wrong, I adore my daddy, I am forever a daddy's girl, but I began to fear this morning routine so much I would drag myself out of bed as soon as I heard him down the hall at my brother's room, crawl to my own door, and lock it. I kid you not. Can you believe I did it? Shameful. Then I would crawl back in bed under the covers with a sigh of relief.

Years later, I wake up every morning to my 3 yr. old, almost 4, the ultimate morning person. Yes indeed, he puts my daddy to shame. 

I open my door and it is non-stop conversation Little Guy style from the minute I come out until he has a fork in his mouth eating his eggs. "I am looking at the antelopes, mom. The antelopes have to have their dinner. They have to eat animals for breakfast. Wart Hogs like to eat lunch, mom. Lots of animals eat in their holes. (The Little Guy) needs to eat breakfast with the peoples, mom. Can you turn on the lights mom? It's a little dark in here and I can't see em. Oh no mom!! Booty's in trouble! Booty the pirate is in trouble!! Guess what mom? Dad and I saw squirrels! Yeh, dad and I saw squirrels and roosters, and it was so much fun. (have to ask daddy about that one). Mom, we need to get ready for (big brother)'s birthday. What are we going to do for big brother's Star Wars birthday mom?! (big brother's birthday is not any time soon) We have to get streamers, mom! Will you help me get ready for his birthday mom? Can you get the baby, mom? I want to do something with the baby mom.." (yea, I wonder what)."

We also have a tradition of cooking together. Well, he gets my spatula for me and I cook. He watches eagerly until it is on the plate. He is pretty good company honestly, and what would I have to write about if he wasn't waiting for me every morning with lively conversation?


  1. I love antelopes.

    And warthogs.

    And booty. No wait...

    Love your posts V!!

  2. Hey, me too! That's something we have in common in addition to Chip and grandchildren! Who use to say, "Don't talk to me?" Maybe it was me.

  3. Oh my, Sarah. Oh my. I hope we have alot more in common than just that Cecille. But you can have your breakfast in your room next time and I won't be offended ;).

  4. I am sure it is part of God's design that our children call us on to be better than ourselves, to reach beyond and rise above, even early in the morning! :)

    From the supreme night owl, and seriously grumpy morning person, who has learned a lot in over 20 years of marriage and 4 children....

  5. This is hilarious. Since my room was closest to Mom and Dad's, I guess I was the first stop on the circuit and didn't have sufficient forewarning to lock the door. That, or since I am not a morning person either AND sleep like a rock, I probably wouldn't have heard him coming anyway.