Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

I had great expectations for this day. Everyone outside for hours, me sitting inside with Angel Boy, peacefully reading, or something. All I have to say is, snow is great, snow is beautiful, amazing even, but thank God it only comes once or twice a year.

The night it snowed, the level of excitement in this house can not be understated. I kept trying to get a picture of them all at one window, but there was a different child at every window every other second.

 The Queen takes charge of the blinds.
Following this everyone speedily ate breakfast, must faster than say, on a school day, when everyone seems to be hungry for "just one more egg". Today there was very little lingering for extra servings. Then the assembly line begins. 2 layers of clothing, 2 pairs of socks, hat, gloves, coat, off you go. After about 20 minutes of every one being outside, however, it went a little something like this. Knock, Knock, Knock, child enters dumping snow everywhere, and strips all wet items, sits by the fire, requests some hot chocolate, runs to the dryer to recover wet items, gears back up, goes back out. Knock, Knock, Knock. snow, strip, drink, dress, exit. Knock...well, ok, you get the picture. The dumping grounds was by the door.

This picture tells a story in itself though, doesn't it? What if there were no boots there? What if my hallway were spotless, and it was an ordinary quiet day? Makes me tear up just thinking about it. And in 10-15 years, there will be no boots there. But maybe some grandkiddies if I am lucky. Whoa, mama, jumping ahead just a tad.

Most of the day I remained inside making hot chocolate, drying clothes, wiping noses, helping people with socks and boots and the like. My health condition is also worsened by extreme heat or extreme cold, so, I really wasn't supposed to go out anyway. Don't feel sorry for me, I was perfectly happy in the comfort of my heated, dry house. :) Daddy went out though, did some sledding and took a few pics.
Sledding with our next door neighbors. Mer and the younger little girl being pushed by her mama.
So much joy for this little boy.
I was told that some mean ole' grown-ups kept hitting them with snowballs. "Good for them." was my answer with a smirk.
Apparently this did not slow The Queen down though, she loves a good fight...
Most normal children build a snowman. Mine build a gigantic
 After a while, I coaxed them into working on REAL snowmen in the backyard, and could not resist getting some close-ups myself, so I braved the cold in the end, so worth it.
I believe this fellow's name is "Snowy". 
The Queen's beloved "Timmy". She even made the committment to me later, that she would rebuild "Timmy" every year when it snowed. Hope I can find those goggles next year.
One of my favorites, The Eldest teaches The Little Guy how to build his first snowman.
And that snowman's final debut. I say final, because immediately following, The Little Guy knocked it down, and ate the carrot and blueberries they used for his face. Ah well, better to have lived than never lived at all. 
The sleds our cousins gave us for Christmas got much use. Snowsurfing, this is right before the bust.

I felt so bad, but poor baby boy didn't make it out until the second day, mama got too cold, and baby got too tired. So, day 2, I brought him out. This is one of the rare moments he wasn't falling on his cute little face.
After about 5 minutes of plummeting face first into the snow several times, he was in tears and ready to go back in (I don't blame him! It was dang cold!) But before this, The Queen gave him a few moments of glee on the sled. Sweet sister.
Poor baby, he even falls over while sitting and being held. 
I leave you with this. The Little Guy having a snowball fight with the storage shed.
I am pretty sure he won. He usually does.

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