Friday, February 11, 2011

Angel Boy's Jobs

Everyone has to pull their weight around here and the 18 month old is no exception. Here are a few of his jobs:

1. Be cute
2. Eat
3. Make a mess
4. Sleep
5. Make more messes

He takes his jobs very seriously and is becoming very good at them.

Of course, his brother encourages him in hopes to move him into his ranks. Can't you just hear him? "That's veeery good, take ALL of mom's pots out, Look mom! Look what he's doing!!" I have to point out that what he is pulling out is a dutch oven. Do you have any idea how heavy those are?! I told you he is serious about his work.
  On to the next task, let's see.....oh yea! Toilet Paper!!
See how nice and neat of a pile he makes? All contained in one spot. So considerate, that boy.

"just doin' my job, mom, just doin' my job."
And how, you may ask, does he still maintain the "Angel Boy" status at this point?
All I have to do is look into these baby blues and my heart melts. Completely mush.


  1. yeah, that looks about right. Except my "angel" is pulling high chairs and chairs over to the counter to help empty the upper cabinets, turn on sinks to flood the kitchen....and oh, yeah, that little incident of ingesting of amphetamines....

  2. Well, that's what you get for producing smarty pants girls. ;)