Monday, May 2, 2011

Just an average day...

I have tried to establish "exercise time" about 30 minutes before lunch when we are home, but the activity is usually up to them. I just require that they are breathing hard, working up a sweat, and are continually doing it. So today, they set up an obstacle course in the den, and I stopped making lunch to get a few action shots. They began by getting a running start from our bedroom and jumping over the ottoman for starters:
Then Princess demonstrated the 2nd phase for me:
But they saved the real action for when daddy got home. It started when JI came downstairs in the middle of dinner with a helmet on and a sword. Then everybody asked if they could go upstairs and "get something". Now, I have to explain something. The playroom/schoolroom is upstairs, at least that was the plan. But, I still have 2 children that nap during the day, their bedrooms being upstairs and naps being in the morning and afternoon. And homeschooling and not being near the kitchen and laundry room is not practical. Nor does naptime and playtime mix well. So, we really play downstairs most of the time and school downstairs, much to my husband's dismay. And it is pretty chaotic downstairs because of all the activity. But so that there is one less room to clean up, guess what room I try to keep cleaned up as often as possible, besides my bedroom? The schoolroom/playroom upstairs. "This is crazy!" My poor husband declares. My response is when every other room in the house is a trainwreck I can go upstairs and look in there with a sigh of relief and shut the door again. I know, it's wrong, but it is part of the way my mixed up head deals with it. So as I said, everyone wanted to go upstairs to "get something" and I reluctantly allowed it. They all went upstairs to select a persona from the costume box. JI declared he wanted to be "a cow who hurts people" lightsaber in hand. For some reason, he needed pink sunglasses to complete the look.

 Princess, though unable to find anything girly in the upstairs dress-up box came down in a blue car racing costume assuring us she was still a girl, just a car repair man and proceeded to prance around flipping her hair here and there.

 JI's big brother, I think, tends to let out his repressed feelings of resentment over his lego creations continually being destroyed at times like this. See how the light saber is positioned just so?

Actually, I have noticed it in family pictures too.

Hmmm. Perhaps I should be concerned. Well, I guess that's about all the chaotic disturbedness I have to share with you. Have a peaceful...something. We prefer our chaotic disturbedness. It is much more amusing.  

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