Sunday, August 14, 2011

At Zee Cafe...

 I love it when the kids come up with some kind of imaginary game out of the blue. It is a gratifying mom-moment when your children are doing something "educational" and you didn't lift a finger to bring it about. And, when these little moments of creativity manifest themselves, it is sheer delight to watch. Each additional child adds a little something unique to the picture.
I believe Angel Boy was the first customer.
But since he started being a disturber of the peace, turning over tables and such, he was redirected to make more signs for the cause...
Then it was decided that he might make a good cook in the kitchen, so he was put to work right away.
Look at him, slavin' away back there while his siblings enjoy the fruits of his labor.
Watch out folks, I think my oldest is about to chow down on something green, his heart full of gladness, a once in a lifetime moment you don't want to miss! No wait, it's just a green spoon, I knew it was too good to be true.

Poor baby, NOW he has to do clean-up crew, Phew, a baby's work is never done.

Well, I guess there is no need for me to cook, lots of full bellies stuffed with imaginary goodies. We'll see how well that goes over. ;)

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  1. They are getting so big! The littlest is as big as I am! Tell them to stop!