Saturday, September 3, 2011

Editing template...

It has come to my attention that my beloved daughter, my first girl, the one that practically runs the house? Is not particularly happy with her title on the cover of my blog. And while it seemed a trifle silly at first and not a big deal, it became clear to me that it really was a big deal. We had a heart to heart talk and while I tried to explain how being "The Boss" makes her a great leader and yada yada yada, she has a way of cutting to the chase, and she said "but mom, you are always telling me to not be bossy, so how is that good?" Hmmmm, she has a point there. Anyway, as of today she is now "the Queen" instead of "The Boss" because well, she is my queen and I love her, and someday, I will REALLY let her take over everything, because she is just that good. I believe that if we respect our children's feelings no matter how "silly" they may seem, they will learn to respect others feelings as well, and of course, our own feelings. But who cares about those. ;)

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