Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mommy's Breakfast, Free for the taking...

Some of you may know I had appendicitis over the weekend and had to have surgery. While I reveled in many snuggly hugs and kisses and funny conversations with my 4 yr. old after my return home from the hospital, it is good to know that some things just never change when you are "Mom" no matter what. Let me explain.

I am still pretty weak right now trying to recover, and this morning, I laid in bed as long as I could until the motivation of hunger was too strong so I mustered up all I could to get to the kitchen to assemble something for myself. Everyone is supposed to have already eaten with full bellies, so no danger of vultures descending, right? Wrong. The 2 yr. old, upon seeing my piece of teff bread (one of the few grain alternatives I am not currently allergic to) begins whimpering for it, the whimper turning into an all-out wail, though I offered a banana, he only had eyes for my special bread. I am beginning to feel a little woozy at this point, but I give him my eggs and start on a new batch. While the 2nd attempt of eggs are sizzling in the pan, Princess comes floating up and says "hmm, are those eggs for YOU?" "Yes!" I snap a little, surprising myself. Don't mess with me when I am hungry people. I steal away with my breakfast to the Dining Room which is now the school room during the day where my beloved Queen sits quietly working. I look at her and say "You're not going to ask for my breakfast too, are you?" "No! Of course not!" She says emphatically. "But if you don't mind me suuuure looks yummy!" with a smile. I did manage to finish with out an inquiry from the 4 yr. old as he was occupied by the T.V..

On a good day, I should have been thrilled for an opportunity to be generous, but well, I wasn't. It's good to know though that things haven't changed, that Mom is still expected to be an overflowing source of all things for all! :)

Hey! Ok, I feel a religious comparison coming on, sorry, that's what you get with a Theology Major. The Church is an overflowing source of all things to all people too. She is mother to all, she feeds all, and her source is overflowing because her head is Christ. Hm, as my source should also be overflowing because Christ is my....I'll just shut up now. Breakfast anyone?

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