Friday, November 4, 2011

Cows and Superheroes and Saints, Oh My!

"Do you want to wear your own face or a mask?" says my 7yr. old to my 4 yr. old with a completely serious look as they were getting ready for Daddy's office party. I am thinking my own face, but that is just me. What is it about this time of year that makes my children so giddy with excitement? They have taken it upon themselves to "decorate" the house for the past 2 years. The result was pretty cute I must say.  On every wall of our living room you were met with a new friend...
 I think the creature on the bottom left is a spider.
 This is one of my faves, Princess' 3 layer halloween cake.
Wow, that's a mouth full of teeth!
As I am feeling alot better lately, I decided to take the job of going around the neighborhood with them. I underestimated my energy level however, and was breathless and ready to return before we got to the end of our cove. Lame, I know. It is time to start an exercise routine again. 
The crew before heading out, along with my hands, argh. 
Happy Cowy-ween
Happy Cowy-ween! Sorry. 

Because we have food allergies and sensitivities, we don't eat the candy we collect and try to limit sugar. Not to worry however, My husband makes up for it amply. And we do order a few items from a natural candy store called Indie candy (, check them out!) So here is The Great Pumpkin at work.

The kids are sent back to a bedroom after returning from trick-or-treating while he sets it up.

The most popular non-food item by far was the vampire teeth. I will be having nightmares about those for months. 
And the caption reads, "Why, with these teeth and crown, I could RULE THE WORLD!!"

 Cutest little Frankenstein ever.

 Eating his chocolate pumpkin.
And this pretty much tells you how everyone felt about their Halloween treats. Daddy knows how to make lots of smiles.

Last but not least we celebrated All Saints with our homeschool group. Each child dresses up as a saint and shares a little about it. They all processed into church, we had mass, and they presented afterwards. The little ones were placed on the front row (my 4 yr. old included) and I got to watch him play with a jingle bell (snuck past my attention) and stuffed animal dog in the air in front of Fr. James while observing from 3 rows back unable to stop it. Ah well. Humility, Humility. 
 St. Bernadette, a wittle nervous, but she made it through.
 a holy, attentive bunch.
 St. Francis of Assisi. You know, "Make me a channel of your peace.." so perfect. I was trying to explain this to him in the car as he was whacking his big sister, dressed as Catherine of Siena.
I was proud actually, because I didn't think he would even stand up there and say anything, and he bounded up there, remembered the name and said "he just wuved animals."
 St. Felix, a pope who, when trying to hide in a cave from Roman soldiers, made friends with a spider who wove a miraculous web at the entrance, protecting him from the soldiers. He named him "Fidelis" (faithful) and it stayed with him after this experience.
St. Catherine of Siena, doctor of the church, received the stigmata (wounds of Christ), started having visions of Jesus at the age of 6, asked to take on all the suffering of the sins of the world. You know, one of those small timers.
St. Bernadette again, just chillin'.

like a villian, well, maybe not. 

All you holy saints, pray for us!


  1. Oh my, how ADORABLE are your children. Some comments: That is the scariest bloody ghost ever taped to a wall! Also, I can't decide which of your children is the most cutest. Also, I want to make friends with spiders, too. I like them. Roaches, though, I'm pretty sure are automatically evil.

  2. I'm with you on the roaches, Betsy. Ick. a childhood fear of mine. The first time my children witnessed me versus a flying roach they just stood there mouths open wide. Mrs. "You don't have to be afraid of anything" was a little frantic. ;)