Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mousy in the Housy

Yep. We have a mouse. The first time it was seen was by my husband at night. The next time was while I was planning a school day in the dining room. I handled it with much grace and calmness (not). The kids witnessed it. Somehow after reading them all these saints stories about saints that respect animals, they have developed a St. Francis mentality. They are saying we have a pet and please don't hurt it. Their daddy bought some "humane" mouse traps that trap the mouse without killing it. But I think he took one look at those little houses and said, "Come inside the little green box and have a snack? I am not that stupid."

We have tried some of our homemade cashew butter on it, we have mixed it with honey and served it on a triscuit, we have served it organic peanut butter with sugar. My husband suggested today that maybe it prefers the regular storebought peanut butter, with all that hydrogenated oil and stuff mixed in. I said good, he will probably die from eating it before he hits the trap.

I know I was entrusted with God's creation and that we are to care for things that are smaller than us, but I want that thing out of our house. Every time I go in the laundry room I give it a speech, "if you're in here, stay away, Mousy, staaaay away." We have an agreement. I pretend he is not in the house, and he stays hidden when I am around. (Except for that one morning). My husband also thought it would be a great time to watch "An American Tail" with the kids. So, Feifel is in the house, and it is time for him to move. Far.... Far.... away.


  1. Try salami. It sounds crazy but the fat content lures them. We had a rat problem (luckily not in the house) and it worked for us.

  2. And by the way, I understand the sweet spirit your kids have and it's admirable. But if Feifel is allowed to reproduce you guys could have horrible electrical issues, not to mention the laundry list of diseases that mice carry. Might be time for a history lesson about the Bubonic plague.

  3. Mice urine spreads Hantavirus. That's all I have to think about whenever one of my kids starts in on the "oh Mom, it's one of God's creatures" nonsense. That mouse lost its right to live when it entered my house. Hantavirus.

    But I say good move on the "humane" trap. We've had two mice die in walls of houses we've lived in, and I'll tell you, that smell is not nice. Not nice at all.

  4. Um, Thanks for the...encouragement. I think. I feel....much better. Salami, must get salami.

  5. Oy! I'm afraid that our little "friend" has other little friends just waiting to drown themselves in our bucket. Maybe this will help us get that dang laundry room FIXED!