Friday, November 25, 2011


I asked if I could host for my family this year, partially because I really do love to throw a party when I have time to get ready....and lots of extra help (which I had). But also because it seemed easier to deal with all our special dietary needs if I was hosting. Somehow. I am not sure how. When I figure it out I will explain it to you.

Anyway, I made some dishes for myself as I have my own food allergies apart from my fam, some for my kids and husband and some for the rest of my family. I made a gluten-free cornbread stuffing for all. However, as it turns out, somehow I expected people to be piling mounds of stuffing on their plates when really after it was all said and done, there was literally a small dent made out of a massive casserole dish. So, stuffing anyone? I'm serious. I'm thinking of inviting people off the street to eat the stuffing. or building something with it.

The kids helped to peel sweet potatoes for 2 casseroles. 
We ended up going through 2 boxes. Princess was tried and true to the end, peeling 9 potatoes on her own while I was occupied with something else.

I and my family both learned that you can have a pretty tasty, satisfying Thanksgiving meal without sugar, gluten, or dairy. It takes a little research and creative thinking, but it can be done. We also bought "The Big Easy" a turkey "fryer" that cooks the turkey with infra-red heat. It comes out crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside with no oil. Amazing.

After the meal, baby boy provided us with some entertainment. I think my dad was laughing so hard at this he was crying. He just started nose diving into the cooler with ice, collecting it in his little cup and depositing it....wherever (my baby, not my dad).

 Shhh, Dee Dee. Don't tell mom and dad.

 Vegging with cousin after a big meal. 

 The big kids.
Today we spent some much needed quality time with my brother and SIL and their little boy. We had absolutely no desire to go out into the shopping jungle with the masses. Hope everyone got some great deals. We were playing in sand and climbing on ropes and things.

 Come on baby, I will show you how to climb to the top and scare the pants off of the grown-ups!

A beautiful day to have a picnic with your family! And the best part? Everyone is pooped upon returning home, so it is quieter than usual which is why I have time to do this. God bless all of you and your families.


  1. I love stuffing. All stuffing. All you stuffing leftovers are belong to me.

  2. No kidding. Save me a little bowl to sample when I pick my stuff up!

  3. will do, Lisa. Wish I could mail you some, Cari.........what's your address? ;)