Thursday, December 1, 2011

Being Countercultural is Cool

Being Countercultural, Advent Wreath

   It sounds like a really cheesy logo on a t-shirt. One that I probably would not wear. But, I couldn't resist. Because, being countercultural IS cool! Do you often have the desire to go against the flow? Maybe a hint of rebellious nature in you to NOT do what everyone else is doing? Then this is for you!!

In case it slipped your notice, everywhere you look it is "Christmastime" or should I say, the Holidays. Even if I say, "the holidays" I  cannot get away from the meaning of Christmas, because holiday actually comes from the term "Holy Day". So, whatever you like, Christ-mass or Holy-Day, it's all the same to me.

Here's some ideas to guarantee you will be "countercultural"this Advent Season. Put advent decor out instead of Christmas right now. Try it! A purple tablecloth, an advent wreath, some candles. Maybe even use the advent wreath with your family. We have been saying a beautiful prayer together every night and reading from scripture about the coming of the Christchild. Put an "advent wreath" on your door instead of a Jingle Bell Wreath, and use purple ribbon instead of red, if you really want to go all out. Instead of focusing on all the "party"aspects of Christmas like Christmas music, treats, and decor, focus on penance! Fast from those things until it is closer to the big day. Yea!!! Do a bunch of good deeds without telling people about it. We have a "good deeds jar" for advent, the kids get excited about pulling out a card every day.

Wait to put your tree up until the 3rd Sunday of Advent and then put ornaments on gradually, not all at once. You don't have to wait until Christmas Eve, that would be a bit stressful, but just wait some. Why? Because the Church is waiting. And if you don't care much about that, be a rebel, do it because no one else is waiting. And there is something to be said for waiting these days. Waiting without, say, spraying someone with pepperspray. Just sayin'. And if you don't do any of these things, I will still love you. :) But, I am going to wait to open my Christmas spirit, and trade it for a little Advent spirit right now.

Many blessings for you and your families!!


  1. Advent wreath out and going! I love being counter-cultural! :)

  2. As we were decorating last Friday, one of your precious children (I'll let you guess who??) told me we were supposed to wait until Christmas Eve! :) I just told her (oops, that probably gave it away!) that different families have different traditions. I think our families does all the things you mentioned, but we love to decorate the house the day after Thanksgiving and enjoy them all month long. We talk about the birth of Christ a lot throughout the season, and anticipation builds for that wonderful day! That's just what we do...not because everyone else is doing it. And, I'm glad you love me anyway!

  3. oops, sorry Susan. ;) I think you're doing great things. not that it matters what I think. And Jen, figures YOU would go against the flow. You Webers are all alike. ;) My mom is the worst about it.

  4. Love it, Virginia!
    I am countercultural as well. Have always been a rebel ... just ask my Dad. :)
    We wait until Christmas Eve to put up the tree, then leave it until Little Christmas. It just makes so much more sense that way. Know how much shopping I have done? Zero. I will only get gifts that mean something, not just to "get" something. We are lighting the advent candle at nighttime prayers ... wow! What a difference it has made to the 2-year-old's attention span for prayers! :) I've never seen him kneel so long with his hands folded! :) Amazing! Waiting for the Christ Child is so neat! (And I think I will go get the purple table cloth this week - what a great idea!)

  5. I was visiting at St Francis hospital today, and I had no idea they'd continued the Catholic traditions once they'd been bought. To see the (huge, electric) wreath lit up with its two candles nearly had me crying in public.