Sunday, December 18, 2011

Favorite quotes/conversations with Fr. Pinto

Fr. Santan Pinto

Sorry but, he gets 2 blog posts. You don't have to read it, but I need to write it. So, if you want, take a look at why we loved him so much. When I say "disciple" this is how he referred to anyone going through formation, as the formation is called "Disciples of Jesus and Mary". Please add or correct fellow disciples. This is how I remember it.

1. Fr. P: "Whenever I go to (some particular area of the country) I always have much opposition and persecution."
Disciple: "Then why go there, Father?"
Fr. P: "Because it's the way of the cross."

2. In response to a question about a family member living an immoral life:
Fr. P: "How did Jesus change people? He loved them. He didn't judge. It was his LOVE that changed them."

3. When people meet you, will they find Jesus or will they find you? This is the test of a true disciple.

4. Holiness is hapiness.

5. It was profound humilty that preceded all of God's great works, Christ becoming man, Christ becoming bread, Mary and her "fiat" ("I am the handmaid of the Lord") and the incarnation.

6. When you are a disciple you are hated. If everyone likes you something is wrong.

7. If you truly know the peace of God, no one should be able to upset you.

8. We, all of us, are afraid to be great. If I told you right now that God would call you to disciple a thousand people would you accept it? We are afraid of greatness.

9.  God was teaching me humility, he said "You are dust on a flea's back". I went to the store and some man started shouting profanities at me. I said "God, am I supposed to take this?" and he said to me "Remember you are dust on a flea's back, so he is really complimenting you."

10. I saw a line of ants walking across the road and the Lord said to me, "Wait my son, wait for the little ones." This is how he teaches me humility.

And 2 things he said to me that I will share with you:

(about dryness in prayer) "You sit there praying the rosary feeling like an idiot, and the Lord says, Ah, but she's MY idiot."

Mary says, "She's inlove with my statue, tell her I am right here and to talk to ME."

Please add more if you wish!

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