Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Boy Changes the Whole Experience

Trying to get everything done around here can be maddening at times. Although I have learned to ask for help a lot more often, my husband still gets on to me about delegating chores so I don't lose my mind. I am unable to do a lot of the water chores because of my skin. I was having one of my girls wash most of the dishes while the other loads because frankly, as my grandmother used to say when she wanted to influence someone to do something, "they are just SO GOOD at it!" but it seemed like too big a job for one, even as efficient as the Queen, so my oldest son has been pitching in in the middle of the day. He adds a whole new element to the affair.

I had put a few jars of chicken gravy that had been saved a little too long with no date in the sink and he stops the water and comes in where I am with a big smile on his face. "What?" I ask. "It's almost kind of fun. Like releasing a creature! It comes FLYING out and then bounces on the bottom of the sink!" He's back at the sink and "EW!" with laughter. "It just got all over me!" Who knew washing dishes could be such an adventure eh?

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