Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Sacrifices

This is a post I never finished before Christmas but couldn't let it slip away! Enjoy.

We have a great series of books that are honestly my favorite thing we have purchased in my catholic homeschooling years thus far. They are called "Catholic Children's Treasure Box".

Anyway, I love them mainly for the little stories at the beginning. There is a whole series on St. Therése as a little girl and then another series on Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, and stories about their life. I also love them for the art work, very old fashioned, but endearing to children.

Catholic Children's Treasure Box

The series about St. Therése as a little girl tells a story about how her sister made some sacrifice beads for her and explained them to her one day. She said she could offer up little sacrifices, like prayers, for love of God all day, and pull a bead over, making little presents for God. Therése began to practice this often, even as a small child, she would not insist on her way for instance when she wanted something and offer it up. A while back we made these beads and talked about it in a co-op group we are in. But after some time they got put away in a drawer.

Well, one of the girls has rediscovered this little habit and they both started using them today. The ironic thing is, truth be known, I have been letting the stress of Christmas prep get the better of me, a little. The cranky demon has surfaced a few times. I keep finding myself overwhelmed with tasks and piling more on myself. But the kids? "Mom, can I help with that?" "Mom, I want to make lots of presents for baby Jesus!" "Mom, is something wrong? You seem upset." "I'll do that for you mom." Sometimes I feel like I am the child in this house, being taught and that God making me a mother was just the best way for me to learn how to be a big girl. It is a lot easier for me to learn from a child, I think, which is why God gave me 5 teachers. So, I guess I need to go make my own sacrifice beads.


  1. I love, love, love those books, too! My favorite story arc is the one about Wupsy the guardian angel. Love it.
    Maybe next year, when GAbriel AND Jude start school, I'll shell out for our own copy of the set.

    1. Yes, Wupsy is also a favorite here. N particularly liked it. I still catch the older kids reading them on their own.