Monday, February 13, 2012

My Kids Are Smarter Than Me. (Shhhhh!)

I have a tendency to try to juggle a teensy bit too much, and sometimes I drop the ball, or lose my marbles, or just my temper, ahem. I am currently experiencing an overwhelming overflow of laundry coinciding with an underwhelming committment from my "efficient" washer to perform efficiently. It has sort of thrown me into a "Must. Get. Done." mode with regards to pretty much everything, sort of a survival mode. Today as we took a break from homeschooling for lunch, I remembered there was a book, Stories of Don Bosco I had been reading to the kids out loud and wanted to work that in. So I announced, "I will be reading to you as I am making eggs!" and my oldest son in his most announcer type voice says, "Coming LIVE from the circus, it's "Mom" who will be reading from a book, cooking eggs, AND jumping on one foot while holding a baloon! Come and see for yourselves!" I guess he pretty much painted a picture of how ridiculous this idea was. Well?! I did have to add a few dramatic pauses, but I got several chapters in! Some unexpected events also occured within the span of our school day. A rather intense conversation regarding the state of our country, and an emergency last minute valentine-making session, that ended up taking 30ish minutes. So when the Queen came to me, looking like a wet puppy saying she had 3 subjects left at 4:30, I expressed a little bit of dislike. Perhaps with a touch of irritable-ness....and my eyes maaaaay have rolled involuntarily as they have been known to do. Not sure. She reminds me of those unexpected events that occured and how they maaaay have affected her ability to finish at a normal time. Still being unreasonable,....I..I mean hard to convince, she repeats one of the main principles of the formation group I belong to (Disciples of Jesus and Mary) "Well, everything that happened today happened for a reason, so what's the big deal?!" Who made her the smarty pants of the day? I hardly EVER get to wear the smarty pants!! It's not fair. Wah.   


  1. Precious Queen. You are teaching them well :-) Sorry it was a hard day. Happy Valentine's day to all the sweet Hammonds today. Love to you all!