Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Resident Artiste

One thing I have learned after having several boys and girls, you cannot make statements like, "Well, you know boys always do this." or "Well, she's a girl so she will like this." Nope. Now there are a few constants per sex, but as it turns out, each child that God brings to us is in fact quite a unique little package.

My first two boys took little to no interest in the business of coloring. I can remember being annoyed when waiters would act as though they had saved my life by bringing me a piece of paper and some crayons for my rowdy, squirming boys. "Great!" I would think to myself, "That will occupy him for all of a milisecond, and only because he will try to eat it." My oldest son is more of a sculptor, with legos. Although there have been a couple of times where he was so passionate about something that he sat down and drew an exact replica of it. Like the dragon, "Toothless", in How to Train Your Dragon.

Then Angel Boy was born.

I have never seen a baby boy, or girl for that matter, be as obsessed with "cuddering" as he calls it, as this boy is.

 He wakes up and eats, he goes to color. 

He wakes up from his nap, he goes to color.

During schooltime, he is SUPER easy to occupy, because all he does is color. Everything.
Including people's schoolwork, but my answer is always, "You can still write on it!"
You see those masterpieces on the floor? Just getting started.

Unfortunately, his works of art are not restricted to just plain old paper. 

We used to be the crayon police. If you leave crayons out for Angel Boy, you die. But he would ALWAYS find that one little quarter of a piece of crayon wedged between the cushions in the couch. So, we let go of all control, as any sane and rational parent would do. 
And when I went to shop at a consignment sale tonight with my mom, guess what outfit I couldn't resist? 

Might as well embrace it to the fullest. 
I don't know, but I believe he gets alot of his ideas and inspirations from quiet time in here.

Shhh. There's an artiste at work in there. 


  1. I cannot believe how BIG he is! I miss you guys. I'd be willing to get rid of all three pets just to have you guys visit. :)