Friday, March 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday #3

 My baby girl's first communion is 2 weeks from now. As I write this she says, "Moooom! I'm not a baby!" About a month ago, I didn't have a new dress for her, just her sister's old one, and really couldn't get one for several reasons. But I said a little prayer that if the Lord wanted her to have one, that he would provide one for little cost. A week later my awesome friend and mother to 13 who is an expert at garage saling, called me one morning. "I found the most beautiful 1st Commuion dress with veil. It's 4 dollars, do you want it?" Amazing. I keep looking at it in awe.

 This Noah's Ark "coat hanger" is awesome. It was in my 11 yr. old boy's baby room first, and has graduated into the girls' room. It now holds about 10 jackets and sweaters and about 10 purses. What a trooper!
 For several years now I have wondered why every time my oldest son comes out of the bathroom he has some cooking tip or trivia to share with me. Yesterday, he came out and said, "Hey mom, I know something different we can make with potatoes today. It's called potato salad. You just boil up some potatoes, cut them up, mix them with some mayo and spices..."

"Have you been reading Cook's Illustrated again?"

Sheepishly, "Yes."
 I have this love-hate relationship with the library. And a little bit of anxiety issues with it as well. Whenever we go, even if every child just gets a few books, we still get a ton of books, because it is times 5, so if we are overdue in returning, well, not just a few cents. Besides, I do NOT like to be a delinquent. For whatever reason, EVERY time I have ever just dropped the books in the return bin, or even just turned them in without making sure they checked them in, we are accused of not turning some of the books in. So now, I go up to the desk and MAKE the person check them in in front of me. They love me for this. Usually, they send an e-mail reminding me "your books are due tomorrow," but the time has gotten away and no e-mail. I have a deep sense of doom.

 Is it too early for flipflops? I am thinking this is TOTALLY a flipflop day.

My mother and I when ever we talk about something that is annoying or we don't like it, we call it "sweet and precious". It's a southern thing. So, my sweet and precious washer has been stopping mid-cycle with an error sign. My husband went through the filter to clean it out, and found a screw driver, a lego hat, a light saber, and some other items. That poor filter.

Have you seen this image? It is called "Our Lady of Joy". I saw it first in the bookstore at the University I attended, Franciscan University of Steubenville. It so impressed me. I have decided I need to work on being a little less-grumpy of a mom. (We wouldn't want to go entirely grumpy free, that would be going too far) So, Our Lady of Joy, pray for me today. 


  1. I love that Our Lady of Joy piece. It's beautiful and inspiring to me as well.

  2. I love that image of Mary! Beautiful!

  3. Haha, I love all the things found in your washer's filter!

    I don't have any children yet, but I have anxiety just when I check out books so I can only imagine what it will be like in the future! Something about it not being mine and knowing that it has to be returned by a certain date!

  4. That's a beautiful picture of Mary.

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  6. would you rather have your son reading something else? :)