Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes on a Friday #2

Princess is starting to write poetry in school. This one reads:
My House
My House is beautiful.
I like to google.
I like my house.
But it has a mouse.
We love the Cross.
Dad's the boss.

(and that would be her sitting at the table with a laptop, a mouse with his cheese, and her daddy behind her in the top hat.)

I am the queen of making charts, putting them up, and not using them. These are the latest two. The above is a behavioral chart, good attitudes with chores, siblings, parents, and school (they picked the hamsters out). The bottom, "Laundry for a Princess" was to try to get Princess to not throw her clothes on the floor. But it seems to be that all that needs to happen in this house, is me talking about it and putting the chart up, for the behavior to start improving, so hence the empty boxes. 

My oldest son's possy. His meter for taking blood sugar, his alcohol swabs, mazin' hamsters, and of course, a minotaur. 
"Growing Plants for Dummies"
I love this thing we found in the dollar section at Target. It was a valentine for my girls. It came in a cute little box, a dirt "pellet" that expands with water, some seeds, and a little pink pot. To experienced gardeners this may be "gardener trash", but for those of us who are green thumb-challenged and occupied with about a million other things, it's perfect!

Another favorite kitchen gadget, a chopper with 3 sets of blades. The best part? Put the potato in, slam the dealie-muh-bob down, and, voilĂ ! French fries!

My Mom gave me this book. If you are having a rough time in any area of your life, it is a must-read. Very short, one line pages with pictures of children's expressions, but all what adults relate to. To sum up, it is about trusting God when things get rough. 

This is the Little Guy's dinosaur pillow. His big brother informed me this morning that he discovered there was a hole in his foot and it was leaking out stuffing like crazy. As an emergency precaution, he tied his socks around it, to stop the "bleeding". 


  1. I'm a creative non-charting genius, too!!! Thank you for this glimpse, it was very cheering.

  2. I think I need that potato thing, how handy!

    1. Yes, it chops everything. Even tomatoes, which we don't eat, but still, impressive!