Saturday, March 17, 2012

Short Clips of the Little Guy

Mom, she keeps peeling my face, and she won't stop!!"
Me: That sounds  painful.
Yea, but she won't stop!

Mom, what if Jesus gets killed by the police?
Me: Even the police can't kill Jesus.
Yea, cuz the police have to go in their police car, to their homes.
Mom, (The Queen) is in biiiig trouble, and the police are going to arrest her.

(As he prepares to go potty)
Check this out!
(slams toilet lid)
And that's the waaaay you do it!

Mom, I'm a big boy. Are all the boys in the world going to be big boys one day?
Me: Well, maybe, I guess it depends on whether they want to be big boys or not.

I was explaining to the children that just because one of us compliments another, (one of the kids said another was the best runner) doesn't mean everyone else is being insulted. So including the Little Guy, I also explained that someone who is older is likely to be a better runner just because of their age, my oldest son being faster than my younger two, me being faster than all of them etc. As I read this back to myself I am wondering...where did I come up with this line of reasoning? Oh well. Anyway...

The Little Guy burst out, "What?! Mom! With my cheetah powers I could run over YOU all day!!!!"

What do you say to that?

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