Thursday, April 26, 2012

All I Want Is You

 You know, when the Lord decides to take some things away from you, you expect to be miserable. And everyone around you, expects you to be miserable. "How can you do without such-n-such? You must be miserable." He is smarter than we are, though. He knows that all we really want is Him.

But we don't know that sometimes. Sometimes we say silly things to ourselves like "No, all I really want, is chocolate." or "No, all I really want is a beach house in Tahiti." or "No, all I really want is to be a hermit." or "No, all I really want is a big screen T.V.". Take it all away though, and suddenly, there's clarity like you've never had. Your soul breathes a deep sigh, looks up and finally says, "Oh!! All I really want, is you Lord!"

I have been having moments like that lately. And the other day, while my ipod was on shuffle, I love putting my ipod on shuffle. It's like turning that big wheel on Wheel of Fortune or the Price is Right (am I showing my age?). Anyway, it was on shuffle, and the song "All I Want Is You" by U2, came on. 

It might shock you to know, that I didn't really know this song very well until my husband's music library was merged with mine after being married. I just didn't listen to a lot of secular music growing up. I'm sure I had heard the song on the radio at some point, I think I heard it in a movie, but never really listened. My husband played it for me one night while we were fighting  talking in the car. I was honestly being stubborn, and he was reaching out to me. He either played it on purpose or it came on at an opportune time, and he reached out and grabbed my hand and just looked at me, it worked.

Now I was hearing it for the second time, but this time, God was reaching out to me. It was a love letter and a little reminder of what I was made for, or rather, whom I was made for.

He is Beauty
He is Truth
He is Goodness
He is Mercy
He is Mystery
He is Glory
He is Desire
He is Majesty
He is Infinite
He is indescribable Joy
He is Love

Do you know what you want?

"Scarcely had I passed them, when I found him whom my soul loves. I held him, and would not let him go..." Song of Solomon 3:4


  1. Nothing, rather no one, else truly satisfies. Sweet that he played that song for you.

  2. Blessed by your words!

  3. Ah, beautiful. I know exactly the feeling you're talking about.