Friday, May 18, 2012

Beach Blog

I tried really. to be creative. I thought of "Beach Babes" but then I thought it might attract the wrong folks. I thought of being a little more poetically deep like "Beauty Lies Beneath the Waves" or theologically deep like "The Spirit Breathed Over the Waters". But, let's call it what it is, for Pete's sake (wonder if that was originally "For Peter's Sake" Like St. Peter? hmmm another blog for another day). Anyway, this is just a Beach Blog. Buuuuuut, if you know me, you know I am going to sneak in a little religion in at the end, because that's how I roll.

My handsome, wonderful, marvelous husband, who would MUCH rather be braving it at Disney World tripping over people's strollers and kids and such, has for the last year or so, not once but TWICE planned our vacation around the beach, because he loves me, frankly. And I love the beach. And him. of course. Being sick these past few years has made it more difficult to deal with stressful situations like trying to be first in line for the Dumbo ride, and he gets that, so he is giving me a break. Yea!

This baby's ready. 

These babies are more than ready.

So let's begin....
Just try to resist the cuteness. Even if you had to shake the sand out of his swimsuit for 30 minutes that night, you still couldn't resist the cuteness.

Beach Blog
Half the time everyone was concerned with making Angel Boy happy. His oldest brother is digging up an elaborate pool for him, his sisters, "Zee Spa de Bebe".

But there's always time to bury your other brother. The one that buries your legos in the couch? Plenty of time for that.

The Little Guy watched his siblings fly that kite for 20 minutes, saying so pitifully, "I wish I could fly a kite. I wish I were big enough." When I finally turned it over to him, he was ecstatic, if you couldn't tell in the picture.

"Sand City" complete with lakes, rivers, mountains, several builders and a shadow to watch over it, who happens to own a camera. Amazing.


 I love these people.

 Surf's up.

At one point I sat down with Angel Boy like this because, he had no fear of the waves.  He absolutely loved the water coming up on him over and over again and I was permanently planted there for about 30 minutes at least. Yea, there was some sand to clean up after that. looots of sand.

Going out of town always presents more of a challenge for my health condition as there are many unknowns that I could react to. So there were some "challenges" for me that made it difficult for me to keep up my morale at times. But the Lord is faithful and good, and in between reactions, he gave me 3 glorious mornings with Him that I cherished:
Beach Blog

And as I continuously watched the waves coming in over and over again all week, and looked at the immensity of the ocean, I kept thinking of 2 things.

His unceasing Faithfulness.

His infinite Mercy.

Bye for now. :)



  1. Love it. So glad you are blogging. I enjoy reading it so much. Can't wait to see all of you!

    1. Some day we are doing the beach together Shea. It is on my wishlist anyway.