Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Things That Go on When I'm Not Around...

Princess had to write a paragraph about something funny that happened to her. This is what she wrote:

And, I had a meeting yesterday with some women in the formation group I am in. I asked the kids to go outside with the little ones in the backyard during it. I was so impressed. They stayed outside the whole time, no injuries, no bursting open the door with loud announcements about water or fights.

 Then I went outside to find all five children with either stick, shovel, or garden tool in their hand hovering over a bucket. "We caught a frog! but we may have accidentally wounded it. Well, not sure if it was entirely an accident, so we made a bed and pool for him."

His bucket and "habitat"
I don't know what came over me, but I was overwhelmed with motherly protection for this poor creature "What?! Can he move? Why did you hurt him? Give the poor animal some space!"

"We didn't mean to hurt him, really... and 'Angel Boy' loved it. Especially when we made him go off the high dive and it bounced off of his arm. He really liked that."

After discussing the grave responsibility of being good stewards of creation and caring for helpless things, not torturing them, Freddy the Frog was the topic of comnversation for the rest of the day. "Why is it so bad to put an animal in a box and play with it?"

"I am not so concerned with that as I am that you may have wounded him and deprived him of a normal froggy life." (Unable to stifle a chuckle after hearing myself say this).

"Mom, can I go check on Freddy? I think we need to feed him. Do you think he likes beetles, Mom?"
"Mom, I think I saw him HOP!! He's healed mom! I bet he will have many stories to tell his froggy friends about his visit with us." Indeed, I am sure he will. He was tossed about, petted about a million times and transferred from bucket to "habitat" so often the poor thing was probably dizzy. I have to admit, I even pet him a few times and checked on him.

Alas, my husband MADE us let him go last night, to brave the cold world of froggydom. He hasn't been back since.



  1. "deprive him of a normal froggy life."

    That part did make me laugh!!!

  2. I took my last final this morning and have the entire summer off—no classes—yahoo! I’m really looking forward to catching up on all the blog reading I’ve missed out on lately. Be sure to write up a little tidbit about one of your favorite posts, or blogs—or share something of your own on “Pay It Forward” for May. I’ve appreciated your participation in the past. I’ll be making the rounds and seeing what everyone has been up to while I’ve been cramming for tests and writing essays … I can’t wait!