Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

The Little Guy was looking at his baby book today and slapped his forehead and said "I  can't BELIEVE you put me on top of the washing machine when I was born!"

 A friend from church that I don't normally hear from called me this morning. We use the same curriculum. After some small talk, she asked if we were going to finish soon. "Oh nooo, some will be working through the summer." "Phew! It's good to know someone else is still working! We won't finish til the end of July!" That is pretty much all she wanted. I can relate!

 One of my oldest child's chores is to sweep after meals. Often times when I am listing off chores I am known to just say my son's name followed by "MAJOR SWEEPAGE!!" So today he says, "If I were ever in battle, I guess my title could be, Major Sweepage."

 I was shopping on Amazon for Angel Boy's birthday coming up. I am thinking that this is what nightmares are made of. And, while shopping for some drawing books for "Art" this summer, can you believe someone wanted to get  $181.60 for this?! I guess if you were in total desperation to draw a building to save the planet from ultimate destruction right NOW and it was the ONLY book left on the planet. Can you tell I live with 4 boys?

 Today the Little Guy grabbed my face, kissed me and said, "Mom, I love your teeth."

 I am reading a book about juicing right now, and in my humble opinion, everyone should read it. Health problem or not. Americans are being duped into eating unhealthy food and are loaded with disease, obesity, and all kinds of health problems because of it.

 I have been feeling kind of nostalgic lately and made myself a little playlist on Spotify of every christian artist and album I ever listened to as a kid. My husband copied that playlist. He told me he listened to it at work some and then looked at me and said, "I had no idea how much of a cheese mongrel my wife was."
A song sample you ask? Are you crazy?! I am not exposing myself to THAT much ridicule.


  1. Oh, my husband LOATHES my taste in music. Luckily my other fantastic qualities overshadow that shortcoming ;)

    And does that say 9 lbs. 1 oz??? Rockstar!

    1. Yes, smallest baby here was 8 lbs. 14 oz. I dream of the 7 lb. baby. But it never happens.