Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

It never fails, my nerves can be frazzled from a long day, the kids are worn out from all their fighting ;), and maybe my chore list on a "day before a party" day which has been known to include things like "vacuum the lampshades" ok, not really, but we are sitting at the table to dinner and daddy walks in. He sits down and challenges the Little Guy to a yelling contest. He is a brave soul. This is the closest rendition I could find since I didn't capture it on camera.
We were all deaf afterwards, and I think the neighbors may have come out of their houses, and a window may have cracked, but we were also all laughing hysterically. I love my husband.

Every night after the rosary, the kids are asked what they are thankful for. They have gotten into the habit, however, of saying the same thing every night for the last....several years. So tonight after my oldest rattles off his usual, "nice mom and dad, nice dinner, cute baby brother, nice sisters..." His daddy interrupts with "Alright something you are thankful for TODAY, and we all know your mom and dad are NOT nice."

I sent the kids outside with spray bottles full of water the other day, and the Little Guy came inside and said "Mom, tomorrow when I get the spray bottle, I am going to spray water all over the heck of (The Queen's) big belly button, and that's a big job mom." I can not even begin to make this stuff up.

The girls are having their first "joint" party this weekend. Even though we hang around alot of reasonable, large catholic families who realize that every kid doesn't need to have a party on every birthday, my husband, who is Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the vacation planner, and the party planner all in one, has ALWAYS insisted that they do. Until this year. This year HE actually suggested the idea of....(gasp) a joint party. After thinking about it for a while and realizing it might be fun to plan together, they were fine with it.  Really, if my poor kids did not have their daddy they would probably be fasting on bread and water, wearing hairshirts, and practicing the vow of silence, always, cuz I'm a mean, ole, catholic grouch that way. ;)

The girls picked out their party stuff together yesterday, and my husband and I were stunned. Are you ready for this? Don't be scandalized. We were. 

Where are the fairies?! Ponies?! Princesses?!! (Sniff, Sniff) Our babies are growing up.  

The Little Guy has been observing his older siblings going out to get presents for each others' birthdays. This morning, as usual, Princess was instructing him all about, how things are, and how they should be. He absorbed some of it, but didn't quite get the part about giving someone a present that THEY like, not you, and about keeping it a surprise. He kept picking up toys on the floor saying, "What about THIS?" handing it to his sister. Finally, he began "wrapping" toys up, and running to put them in my bedroom, where we keep all presents to be opened in the future. Here's his little pile of "presents" for Princess. He started out with tissue paper and a brown bag, then resorted to a play doctor bag, and then, oh heck, just threw it in a towel.

P.D.C. Pretty. Darn. Cute.

"I think that when the girls open up the dollies, the girly stuff that I wrapped, they will love it mom, because when I make stuff in my heart it will make people super happy, right mom?."

P.D.S. Pretty. Darn. Sweet. 

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