Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Angel Boy's Birthday Bash

I am a little late in posting this. I have been putting it off. I guess because I wanted the perfect party pics for you. And I thought somehow if I let the ones we took sit a while, they would morph into something else? You know pictures where birthday boy is oozing with cuteness? Well let's face it, he is pretty much oozing with cuteness 95% of the time, but where he poses for every picture looking directly at the camera? Yea well, this is real life, people. And birthday parties are total chaos, let's be honest. You are lucky to sing happy birthday and get a candle in the cupcake before it is all over. So as long as we understand each other, we can begin.

Angel Boy has a pretty big advantage in this family in that he has 4 older siblings to anticipate his birthday for him, before he even understands what a "birthday" really is. So all he has to do, is sit back and enjoy the show. The decorations went up the morning before his birthday.
Angel Boy, not having a clue what's going on, joins in on making them.

This would be the my husband's and my retreat. Which my husband now calls "The Elmo Room" since the decorations have not been removed in a week.
Close up.
Mickey on one end...

Blue on the other.
Angel Boy's Birthday Bash
Surrounded by his favorite characters as he dines.

From left to right: side table drawer, the thinking chair, Scout the Puppy,  Cookie Monster, which by the way did you know they changed his name to "Veggie Monster"?!! What is the world coming to?!
The one and only....Dora. 

Spontaneous Birthday....chant. Chant along, it won't be hard to follow, I promise...

Party Day! Big Brother meticulously planned out and hung the decorations.

The Queen? The behind the scenes dirty work. That's why she's the Queen y'all.

Princess occupies the birthday boy.

Ok, here come some of my favorites. Are you ready?

The "Blow out your dang candle!" Headlock Pics
Poor Baby.
It's like he's in a time warp here. 

Ooh pretty fire, Mama!


I'm eating here!!

Somebody help the poor boy! I don't think he has enough help...

Who needs helium when you understand static electricity?

So as you can see birthdays around here, last for days, and days, and days.

I am sitting here still looking at streamers and balloons. 

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  1. So cute Virginia. Love the pics and all the captions. Looks like a good time, esp the after party...XXOO