Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sometimes It's Impossible to Be Serious Around Here!

So my husband was working late tonight. When he is gone I have a tendency to try to make up for it in the authority department, but sometimes I feel a deep sense of insecurity as I see I am losing control, and I say things that sound pefectly sane in my head, but somehow as they come out of my mouth, it all goes awry.

I am tired, I am done for the day but the day is not done, it is time to start our routine family rosary after dinner. I am ready with my rosary but the picture surrounding me is far from a picture of solemn meditation. As the noise begins to grow, I shout in order to be heard, "ALRIGHT!! It's time for people to start thinking about prayer and stop throwing babies everywhere!!" A silent moment, followed by a burst of laughter from the crowd. First my son, the Encyclopedia, who doubles as a major ham, imitates me, which induces, much more laughter.
Then, it's hopeless. But I try to begin anyway. Problem is, none of us can stop chuckling, including myself, now that we have this hilarious image painted by me, in all of our heads. Finally after we are halfway into the second decade, I regain some composure and after calling upon the respect of Our Lady (who can laugh after this?!) press on.

I would imagine though, that Our Lord and Our Lady might have chuckled too, at the whole scene, shaking their heads looking at each other and saying, "Bless her heart, she tries, she really tries."  

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