Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What I Wish I Knew When I Was a Newlywed

 My husband and I have been married 14 yrs. thus far. 5 kids.

1. If your wedding was not the exact picture you had dreamed up and planned for months and months, you will get over it. In fact, you won't care 15 yrs. from now. AND it is no indication of the type of marriage you will have. It will be much worse. Just kidding. :)

2. The greatest piece of advice given to me while I was engaged was from a female professor at Franciscan University in her 60's. She said "Beat each other to the cross. Be the first to humble yourself. The first to say your sorry." She then admitted her husband almost always beat her, dang it. That is me now, 14 yrs. later.

3. The longer you "know" each other, in the biblical sense, the better it gets, so if your first night is not the night of your dreams, it is no indication of the rest of your married love-life. at all.

4. Please, please, please, don't try to change your spouse. Change yourself. and pray like heck for them.   This will bring the greatest change.

5.Just because you are now "a grown up" doesn't mean you don't need help. Swallow your pride and take all the help that is offered. If you do, you MIGHT not end up in the looney bin by the end of it all.

6. It doesn't matter what other people think of you. Be the parent and/or spouse you feel God is calling you to be.

7. Just read #6 one more time.

8. When you have your first big fight, don't panic and think you made a big mistake, you will have many more :). You will also have many more make-up times, warm fuzzies (yes, I still look at my husband's eyes and melt) belly-laughs together, and moments of total gratefulness for this person before you.

9. Treat your spouse as the person you know they are capable of being, the person you want them to be, not as the person you see with a critical eye. One day you will wake up, and they will be that person. Believe in your spouse!

10. Submitting is not going to kill you, or your personality. It will give you peace and your marriage peace. "Daddy's in charge, ask daddy." Best. Sentence. Ever.

Well, I guess I could go on and on but 10 seems like a good round number!

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On Our 10th anniversary, a cruise. The only time since my honeymoon that I painted my fingernails and toenails and blew-dried my hair every day. (Is blew-dried a word?)