Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday #Somethineruther

I have discovered Pinterest. I know, I know, I am so happenin'. I have decided though, that it is a love/hate relationship. I absolutely LOVE the artsy-ness of it. It is totally my style as far as social nextworks go (twitter, not so much) but I HATE how easily you can get sucked in, and how you can't find stuff you just saw very easily but failed to pin it, and now you think "alas, it is LOST!!" Wanna check out my boards? dont' ya don't ya? I have 4 so far. Kickin' it.  
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I have started to require The Little Guy to clean up toys in order to get on any electronics. First benefit: often times he is not motivated enough and ends up just playing with toys (which is what I would rather him do anyway) Second: I get to take hilarious pictures like this one:
Well, you have to give him credit, he DID get all the toys in the toychest. 
Sometimes I am in such a flutter of busy-ness I just zip from one place to another in the house trying to get stuff done. Sometimes, however, I have to stop and admire my children's creativity:

Check out Barbie's clothesline IN THE KITCHEN! Our dolls are "green" like that.
So my mom bought Angel Boy some new rainboots, since that's pretty much all we wear in this house any more. You think I am kidding. 

The Little Guy was feeling a little left out, even though his rainboots are in fine condition. He started   pointing out some holes on his tennis shoes and insisted he must get some new shoes soon. Thanks to my awesome SIL, I had a vast supply of boys clothes and shoes upstairs in bags, that he had never seen. I went upstairs and found some crocs in his size. I told him they were crocs, which were good for crocodile hunting. He has since been asking me when we will go to a swamp to try them out. 
In an attempt at super-homeschoolism, I decided to make some gluten-free homemade playdough for my 5 yr. old as he will be starting kindergarten this year. It was disastrous. I decided to go with a generic recipe and choose my own flours. In the bowl, it looked totally normal. In his hands and on the table? It changed into a fine, crumbly like, powder. So as if playdough was not already a blast to clean-up, this one was a topper folks. And so as to take on oodles of penance cuz I am super holy like that, I let ALL my children play with it. right at the dinner hour. with dishes in the sink. Ugh,  I would wish to forget that night but I needed a quicktake. 
This is actually my 2nd batch, which was not as crumbly, but slimy, a nice touch.
Somebody is super excited about his first canoe/camping trip.
I can canoe, can-u?
Whenever I blog and look through i-photos, I always find some surprise pics taken by the kids with the i-pad. Some of my favs:

And that's all for now!

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  1. I can't believe how much your oldest is looking like his dad!
    And I can't stand regular play-doh for its crumbly properties, I can't even imagine what the extra-crumbly formula would do to me. Kill me probably.
    You are a better woman than I am.