Sunday, August 5, 2012

What We've Been Doing This Summer...

1. Insane levels of heat,
2. two then one lingering student finishing the 2012 schoolyear,
3. my health worsening some

have all contributed to our being indoors, homebound, most of the summer, with the exception of some playdates at friends' houses. I always think they are going to die from boredom, however, things were far from boring around here.

All you really need to cure boredom is:
a. a sibling or two                                                     
b. an imagination
c. a prop of some sort

As you are about to see, I give you "Indoor Summer Activities 2012"

Wipes Throwing after the arrival of package via Amazon:

Setting up a card table in the Hearth Room and playing "Restaurant"
Eating lunch at that card table making it more exciting than the old breakfast table you normally eat at. Unless you are 11, then just making faces at the camera is exciting.

Using a jumprope to play "conjoined twins" with your sibling

Getting pulled around the house by that sibling...

Taking a dip in the "Choco-River" with your favorite siblings

Camping out "under the stars" under...the card table.

Getting the heck out of dodge because this camping thing is not what it's cracked up to be.

Having a slumber party in the middle of the day.

Totally NOT digging the slumber party. "Are you for real, peeps?! It's not my naptime yet!!"

And last but most definitely not least, sliding, with a repurposed, you guessed it, card table.

I promise we do pick up toys on occassion. And now that my husband will probably not leave me alone with the kids again anytime soon, at least you got an entertaining blog out of it.  

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  1. Dying. Can't watch videos right now, since the kids are hanging on me, and I know they'll badger me all day for a wipe party and a card table to slide on if they see them.

    1. Must watch. The wipes party and the sliding one are my favorites.

  2. Ha ha ha ha - this is great!!! Sliding is definitely the best.

    However, I have fond memories of being "cojoined" via jumprope to my sister as well...

    This is great!