Sunday, October 21, 2012

Confessions about Confession

At the table tonight the subject of confession came up. Princess started by saying she wondered why I go so much. Well, the obvious answer is, I'm a sinner. But I explained that even if I am not in serious sin, with venial sin, when you get a smudge on your hand, you want to wipe it off. And that when your goal is to grow in holiness and become like Christ, naturally you want to frequent the sacraments to receive sacramental grace since we can do nothing on our own. Then the Little Guy (who is becoming more and more of an "expert" since he started school) piped in with an authoritative voice that we go to confession to get rid of weird dreams. I said I wasn't sure but mainly it was to cleanse ourselves of the bad things we had done. He said enthusiastically, "like disobeying your mom and dad!" I said, secretly rejoicing that he may have actually picked up on a thing or two I have said to him, "Yes! exactly!" and then he says, "Yea! like I disobey you all the time!" with a huge smile on his face.

"Well, at least he's honest." concludes the Queen.

Confessions about Confession

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