Saturday, February 16, 2013

Belated Valentine's Party! er...Weekend!

We have been out of town for 2 weeks seeing a special doctor for me in Charleston, and were driving home all day on Valentine's day. This disturbed my children greatly as every holiday around here is CRUCIAL to existence. The only comfort I could give them is that we as a family would celebrate the following day. Moms can do that. Change holidays to fit their schedule? Look it up, it's in the mom book.

Princess is ALWAYS prepared with color co-ordinated outfits on holidays. This day was no different.

As I had been a bit consumed with traveling a la family of 7 and doctor stuff, I was not prepared. I woke up the next morning and decided to try a recipe I had seen on Pinterest, but adjusted it a little with flours I could eat. 

  I had my oldest take this picture not because of my stylish hair-do (what do you expect for the morning after a 10 hr. car drive?) but because it was too perfect to share, that BOTH my bowl and shirt are red for the ocassion (the dustbuster in the background is just a bonus). It's not very often that things work out this way, so revel in it. 

Thankfully my mother, who saves me over and over, had been by to check on the house and left us these in the cabinet.
Yea!! Cutsie Valentine's plates waiting to be used! 

I do have all these cutsie (Am I using that word a little too much for your taste? Sorry) heart shaped cookie cutters but needed something fun, quick, and easy. So I put one on top of layered pancakes and sprinkled some stevia in it. 

 This being the result...
You like the sunbeams shining on it? (cue angel voices....)

I am not sure they liked it though...

It was hard for some to wait for mom to finish, so, once again Grandmommy saves the day, by leaving Valentine's presents for them in my bedroom.
Sorry, no before picture, this is after they descended upon them.

Admit it, you are totally jealous of the glamorous flashlight I got from Grandmommy. It takes so little to make this girl happy. 

In the evening we closed with the usual family rosary, exchange of cards, and surprise presents from their dad, which they hated, of course. 

All I know is, there's alot of love in this family.

Ok, sike! You were hoping this was the closing, but, I usually do a Valentine's night dessert, and I am kind of hard headed. Because I didn't have time on our scheduled Valentine's day, I did one tonight! (at this point my husband is looking at me cross-eyed as we have just begun the season of Lent in our Faith, of which the theme is supposed to be sacrifice and penance.) 

So, once again, I pulled up a recipe I found on Pinterest. Same blogger. I love this girl. This was so incredibly easy, and though I was unable to taste because of allergies, I was told by my oldest son it tasted like a Wendy's frosty.

 Nobody liked it, as you can see...

Truth be known, our family is on a very restrictive diet (gluten, yeast, dairy, sugar, preservative- free) so it is not quite as indulgent as it may appear. Now that I am done defending myself, I will REALLY close with a quote from my husband, as he seems to be the only one around here in his right mind. 

We were sitting in the doctor's office on Valentine's day and he said, "It is unfortunate that Valentine's is AFTER Lent begins." but after some thought he continued, "afterall, Love is all about sacrifice, so I guess it is rather appropriate." 

Best. Quote. For Valentine's Day. Ever. Nuff said. I promise from here on out, it is all hairshirts and bloody knees for us. Happy Lent!!

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