Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Quotable Little Guy

The Quotable Little Guy

(Really if all I blogged about is what the Litte Guy said, I would have all the content I need.)

My mom visits today. We haven't seen her in a while as we were both out of town overlapping. The Little Guy squeezes the heck out of her and as he walks out of the kitchen declares, "I just love Grandmommy, she's got great hair!"

We were driving back from my parents' house tonight and passed quite a scene on the side of the road.  "Wow," I said in amazement,"nine police cars, with flashing lights behind one truck and about 15 containers of something they unloaded from it." Little guy shouts, "well who cares! I have a boo boo and it hurts!"

About 5 minutes later he thoughtfully says, "you know, if it were just one police car chasing us, I'd say easy peasy, but 9? I'd have to call on God or somepin!"

He squeezes me hard today and says, "I just love your heart to pieces Mom." And "on your birthday, I promise I'll be obedient mom. And you can do whatever you want."

"Mom," he says thoughtfully, "I think I am going to save that 5 dollars Grandmommy gave me. I don't want to spend it all like all those normal kids out there, cuz that would be RIDICULOUS!"

One of the Little Guy's chores is to clean up the hearth room. Every day he fights me on it, but eventually gives in. The other day after he had fought me on it for a while, he came up and started patting me and said, "Mom, I am going to put my trust in you, to help me clean up the hearth room."

Enjoy your kids! :)

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