Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

I come out this morning and get lots of "Hey Mom!"s. Little Guy is filling up a cup of water and says, "Hey mom, I'm just getting a cup of water. That's what this house is for. Water. Food. Protection." #101conversationswiththeLittleGuy
The one joke repeated by my kids today that made me laugh a little? (from Garfield) "Arlene: Garfield, do you love me more than food? Garfield: Do chickens have lips? Arlene: No. Garfield: Bingo."But PLEASE don't tell my children. Otherwise I will hear this scenario repeated over and over again until I want to vomit, Garfield. Thanks.
This is the Queen's doll family out for a drive. I am thinking they are at full capacity. Might be some safety hazards there. Just sayin'. 
You wanna know what defeat feels like? When you have just finished doing all the boys laundry and you go upstairs and see this. 
Wanna know what makes me feel better? These pretty pencils I found at Michael's. I would tell you I got them for the girls but I would be lying. If I could I would decorate a whole room around these. Would you think me crazy if I told you I bought some clothespins to match? Who buys pretty clothespins?!!!  Apparently I do. 
Wanna know what really makes me feel better?
Walking in my room and seeing this face again.
I had a moment today. Sometimes, when you homeschool, you doubt yourself. alot. "Is this what we are supposed to be doing?" you ask yourself sometimes. I looked out the window while the kids were playing. All five of them were playing a game together. It was such a beautiful day, and a beautiful picture. The five of them, absolutely having a blast together, being at home together, playing outside. They were at the moment cheering Angel Boy on as he threw the ball. And I had a flash forward, if there is such a word, that when they all grow up, they will still be really close, and they will be there for each other, through the joys and trials in their lives. They will remind each other of the things they learned together, the important things. And I felt completely satisfied and full of joy at what I saw. 

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