Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

The Little Guy and his older brother cracked themselves up doing this. stuffing the Little Guy's shirt with couch pillows and watching him fall over both pretending he had a big belly. Boys, how little it takes to entertain. 

Here's the other part of it. Older brother invented a game called "catapult" where he pushes Little Guy off with his feet into the couch. 
Everyone gets in on it. Something inside tells me it might be a little risky, but this is good for his sensory issues! :)
Can we say, stinkin' cute?
If we can't, here's another...
and another...
Those are upside down, in case you were wondering. Kind of futuristic looking though, don't ya think?

Meanwhile Barbie gets a spa treatment. 

And Spot's getting potty trained...

As I said, it takes so little....

But then some boys grow up to be absolutely amazing men. LOVE our new Papa!

So there you have it folks, the most lame, most random, disconnected quicktakes, ever. Hope you enjoyed. Check out some others at Conversion Diary.

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