Thursday, October 2, 2014

The School Nightmare

Hi Friends it has been a while since my last post. Wow, almost a year. Well, it seems like a good time of year for this post so read on. We decided to put our oldest child in school this year. He is not a morning person, nor am I. He requires a great deal of pulling and dragging  nudging to get him moving in the morning. My husband and I take turns with this process. This morning was my turn. However before I woke up, I had the following dream: I oversleep, which means my son is still asleep. I get up in a panic. As we are getting ready I realize he needs a coat because apparently winter has come early. I go to pull out his coat and the inside is coated with sticky food. Ew! I also realize that he is supposed to have "cake" today. I quickly whip up a cake the size of my car. It is gluten, sugar, dairy, and yeast free of course. I look at it before we get in the car and somehow there are bike tracks running through the middle of it (since it is that big). Oh well. Somehow, one of my son's teachers is magically there in the morning to help us get going, but she asks that in return I get her class started when I arrive as she will be late. We open the car door and much to my horror the 2 younger children of a friend of mine are still in the car from the other day when I picked them up from school. The youngest is crying. I decide to take them to another good friend's house (because in real life her house is like a refuge) which in my dream is 2 doors down. Perfect! When I arrive there they are making homemade beer with their own brewery. Everyone is having a taste. This is where I leave my other friend's little girls. As I finally get underway to take my son to school I remember about the teacher's request and sigh, because I am certain that somewhere at school is an unattended classroom full of students. and it is my fault. And I thought I was done with school nightmares. Hope you enjoyed! I did when I realized it was a dream!  

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