Thursday, November 26, 2015

Deo Gratias

Happy Thanksgiving! So this morning as I perused Facebook, many inspirational posts and sweet thoughts passed my eyes, but 2 stood out the most to me. One was the phrase "Deo Gratias" from a priest friend reminding those of his friends to give due thanks to God who has blessed us with all we are thankful for.

The other was this picture:
Deo Gratias

I texted my husband who was already sitting in our den, from the bathroom (This is where I hide pray because I have a place to sit, a space heater, and it takes a while for people to find me) and asked if we could pray as a family before the craziness of the day started and read the scripture readings together. He said sure. As I was thinking about all the pies Princess and I made the day before (and possibly salivating), and the multiple pairs of clean socks I have in my drawer (refer to above picture), we eventually rounded up all the kids and began to pray together.

Truthfully, the only time in the day I feel a deep sense of satisfaction and peace, is when I am praying with my family. Sometimes it can also be a prime moment for contagious, uncontrollable laughter to break out. Because God is a God of joy and laughter, right? And I'm certain at least, that he laughs at us quite often. Anyway, I look at each child and wonder at them a little bit, in the unique qualities God has given them. And finally, It is an opportunity for me to admire my husband, as he snuggles up next to Angel Boy, gives him "hints" about the mystery of the rosary he's leading so he can feel like he did it himself and looks at me like I have 5 heads for taking a picture in the middle of the family rosary?! WHaaat?!!

Angel Boy is cracking up at his mama for being such a silly head. But today I couldn't resist. Because I want to remember those moments. Deo Gratias.

As we started our Thanksgiving chores, my husband discovers, uh oh, our turkey fryer is dead. Meanwhile a child who shall not be named, clogged a toilet upstairs and "forgot" to tell someone. Until we saw water leaking from the ceiling in the hall downstairs. I just kept thinking about the above picture. Even when my poor husband yelled "great! poopy water in my hair!" Ok, actually at that point I was laughing. Deliriously. Because really, to whom do so many things happen on such a day, than to us? But still, we have each other, and socks. Deo Gratias.

My husband was such a trooper, and really dealt with all of the curveballs thrown at him exceptionally well. He made one of the turkeys in the oven, and the gravy, and coffee. He carved both turkeys. He, as usual, made sure I didn't work too hard and delegated tasks where he saw the need. Princess made pies, homemade rolls, and a salad yesterday and helped with the sweet potatoes (wait, what did I do?!). The Queen vacuumed, put up laundry, and cleaned her room. The girls set the table.

The boys cleaned up toys, wrestled, screamed, and didn't clog any other toilets. Some of my precious extended family came. My mom helped with dishes until my dad started saying stuff like "I've had about all the fun I can stand." and "It's bedtime for Bonzo." and "Your ride is leaving". I am stuffed. and exhausted. At the end of some quick nighttime prayers, as a finale, a large truck full of toys at the top of the stairs plummets, on it's own, down the stairs to the ground (toys flying) giving at least a few of us, a quick heart attack.

About 11 p.m., the Queen comes to give me a late night hug and sleepily I rush through it, but afterwards, sneak back into the darkness of their room for a "real" hug. Because one day, that room will be empty. And my heart will ache for "one more late night hug". Some days, I find multiple reasons to complain, but today by the grace of God, I can say, I am so incredibly blessed. Deo Gratias.