Friday, March 1, 2019

What's in my Kids' Gluten Free School Lunches: Friday

I thought I would share what I typically prepare for school lunches in a week. A lot of people say “I don’t know what we will eat on a gluten free diet?!” Really there are so many options now. I have to preface this by telling a short story. When I put my kids in school after homeschooling, I learned the hard way, that if I was going to be merciful to my children, I had to meet them halfway on what they take to school. Because the first day of school, I packed carrot sticks, cooked pieces of chicken, fruit, and homemade sunflower seed butter (which, it had not occurred to me, has a rather unsavory looking green tint to it, and if you don't know what it is....). My poor 5th grader was ridiculed for these items. An experience he had not yet had with other kids, so it was pretty tough. All of my kids suddenly were very self-conscious about what was in their lunch bags, after going to school. So I have tried my best to help them feel "normal" but follow some necessary dietary restrictions.

Here's what I prepare for Fridays. Catholics are asked to do some form of penance on Friday, as an act of love for Our Savior who suffered and died for us on this day, It doesn't have to be abstinence from meat anymore, but it seems the easiest to do still, so we don't eat meat Fridays. Some exceptions are made of course.

They get a choice of peanut butter and jelly on gluten free bread from costco, or cheese sandwich on the same bread. You can see the ingredients for this bread here.  I don't LOVE these ingredients, but it's a convenience item, and we don't eat it every day.
We buy this peanut butter at Costco; the only ingredients are organic peanuts and sea salt. This happens to be the jam in my fridge. I found it at IKEA! The only ingredients, all organic, are blueberries, pectin, sugar, citric acid. I also buy Kroger’s Simple Truth brand jams though.
The cheeses I use are these, because regular cow dairy, even organic, has been a problem for us allergy/health wise. The sliced cheese is from Whole Foods (yes, a luxury for sure) The manchego sheep cheese is from Costco. 
The lunchbag- Sandwich, fresh fruit of choice, these chips (I know the title sounds gross and weird y'all, but these are yummy. I'm addicted. Maybe similar tasting to white cheddar cheetos? maybe. Most of the kids love this but if they don't they can take something else like popcorn) and I made these yummy cookies because one of my kids is going on a field trip and I always try to pack something "special" for that. Here's everything but a sandwich:

That's it for Friday. :) 

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