Sunday, September 13, 2020

Begin Again

 I am pining for Fall. How about you? And I can’t put my finger on it. But something’s got me dragging my feet. To just be faithful to what I feel I am called to do, daily. I am certain I am called to love my family unconditionally. In addition to other things I feel called to do, I am called to submit my daily sufferings to Christ on the cross and trust Him like a child. but it’s a struggle. I won’t lie, some days I am doing well to not bite everyone’s heads off, just get through the day without despairing, rather than skip through the day as a confident child of God. He is there every morning I wake up though, with new mercies. new graces. holding out His hand. If you are struggling too, let’s (metaphorically speaking) get up off the couch. Let’s begin again. We are not defined by our successes or failures, by our appearances or status, by our past, or by our strengths or weaknesses. We are definitely not defined by what others think of us. We are defined by this one thing: we are children of God. Loved by Him. made in His image. We belong to Him. Called by Him from the beginning of time, to do great things for His glory, to know Him intimately. And to be happy with Him completely. We can do nothing apart from Him. Nothing! Let us reach out and take His hand. Begin again. Every. Day. 

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