Friday, September 25, 2020

Just Be, and Let God

Since going to my doctor in July, I found I have a small handful of things to eat that will not cause inflammation, until the shots and drops start working. He has me in addition to taking allergy shots and an immune boosting shot, on bacteria drops several times a day which he has discovered through multiple trials with patients, shut off the bad bacteria in people’s systems which he believes cause many chronic health problems. The results I have seen so far are that my staph infections have significantly decreased, and more recently, I have had a few mornings where I wake up and do not have the usual intense itching requiring multiple bandages, giving me hope. I had a lot of inflammation today, however. It might have been something I ate, but honestly, some times I do everything right and I still have reactions. Do you feel sometimes you do everything right and life still throws you the hard stuff? On a good day, I’m getting laundry done, exercise, prayer, running errands, picking up kids, doing enriching activities with my toddler, making a delicious dinner, and even working on products for a business I’m hoping to eventually start. But some days, all I can do is sit with this sweet boy while he watches T. V. with my hands wrapped in gauze and just.. be. This was that kind of day. And it’s ok. Because they won’t all be like this. And God knows right now when I can’t pray multiple rosaries or even one, I need a way to offer prayers to God, a sacrifice, from what’s in “the now” for me. For my kids. For my marriage. For my family. For my friends. I’m telling you this because I know you have struggles. And I know you have days where you aren’t living the life you had envisioned. Maybe it’s depression and/or anxiety, circumstances in your life you didn’t plan, health problems, or just the struggle to stay motivated. Do what you can, and give to God what you can. Trust Him with your present and know He has a future that looks different for you, but that He’s also with you now. He has a purpose for now. Not just for your growth, but for all those around you. He makes all things work for the good. So just be, it’s ok, and just let Him.


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