Monday, September 28, 2020

Rest in Me


Whenever I get a chance to really quiet my heart and speak to the Lord, my first confession to Him lately is: 

I’m afraid, Lord. 

Afraid of what?

Of the future. Of things happening around me. Of what could happen. And for some reason right now, I can’t shake the feeling. 

Are you my disciple?


Are you my disciple?

....Yes, Lord. 

(An image of Him asleep in the boat with the storm raging around us like it was with the disciples, immediately comes to mind.)

You need to get your head off the edge of the boat, looking at all the waves around you, and you need to come rest your head on my sleeping chest. And you need to stay there, until all you can hear, is the beating of my heart. No matter what happens, the truth of Who I am to you, remains the same. 

Rest in me. In the boat, in the raging storm. 

Rest. In. Me. 

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