Sunday, October 4, 2020

I Value Your Life

I feel compelled to get this out. I value you, as a person. Genuinely value your life. I also identify as “pro-life”, which means to me, I value all lives from conception until natural death. I believe that every person has worth. Period. This does NOT mean that if someone declares they are “not pro life”, that I exclude them from this standard. Or that I should not give them the same respect as another. Guess what? I am also a Catholic mom. These are my 2 youngest children of 6 kids. My faith is central to my life. My husband and my kids, central to my life. I love seeing other people trying their best to be good parents, good spouses, good people. And humbling themselves when they make mistakes; teaching others from their mistakes. I follow people like this, am friends with people like this, regardless of their political stance or religion, provided they don’t lead me away from the God and Faith I believe to be true. If you are not like me, I still value you and your life. And I value the goodness you have to bring to the world. I love the arts; music, dance, visual arts. I love seeing creative people, being creative. I love to watch people grow in their gifts and share them with others. I love the Fall. I love your decorations, pumpkins, adorable pets in cozy sweaters (because I can’t have pets especially) kids in costumes (or you if that’s your fancy) pumpkin recipes, and yes, even your pumpkin spice. I value healthy eating because I have learned that what I eat and have eaten, determines my quality of life for the better or worse, but if you are a fast food junky, I will still be friends with you (I might just not eat with you). All of these things show that I am a human being and more than a label, as I am sure do many things about you. If you overcome something hard, I will rejoice with you. If you are proud of an accomplishment I will be proud with you. Because we are people. AND WE NEED EACH OTHER. And we are more than all these labels that the media is putting on us, that the world is putting on us. Can we see each other as people again? Human beings that suffer and laugh and cry and rejoice and struggle just like everyone else? I hope and pray we can.


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