Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Meditations on the Mysteries of the Rosary: The Miracle at the Wedding of Cana


You know how with other mom friends, who are super busy like you, you have these ongoing text conversations that last for weeks? I know I’m not alone. I have friends with whom, I can at random, text them at any time, when I have the time or opportunity, and continue a conversation we were having a week ago. Maybe even a few weeks ago. That’s what this is with these rosary meditations. šŸ˜ So, continuing our conversation in simple meditations on the mysteries of the rosary, this one has got to be one of my favorites! The Miracle at the Wedding of Cana, the 2nd Luminous mystery- Why? Because first of all, Jesus performs His first miracle, at a wedding, celebrating the sacrament of marriage with friends. It’s nothing too terribly dramatic, to most people an every day life event, but He brings the miraculous to the table, and shows that God cares about “the little things”. And He does it, because Mary intercedes for the couple. 

Can you imagine your child being the Son of God and knowing it?! But this was her position. She saw their need, their embarrassment, even, of running out of wine at their own wedding. She didn’t elaborate much, but met His eyes, knowing what He was capable of and said “They have no wine.” I can almost hear her pleading voice. Because I have pleaded with the Lord, for my own children. A mother can be pretty desperate. Pleading for her children. We are her children if Christ is our brother. She accepted that role when she said yes to being His mother. 

Do you know that she will plead, for you? I honestly believe this story is in the Bible simply to show us that Mary can intercede for us. and will. Because what are the results? He listens to her, albeit with some reservation at first, but the point is, Jesus who was and is God, listens to His mother’s plea. And as a result, a miracle happens. It says that it “manifested his glory and his disciples believed in Him.” 

Ask for the fruits of “new wine” in your life. In whatever you are going through. Go to the wedding of Cana. Ask your heavenly mother, to plead with you, to plead for you, to her Son. She will do it. I promise you. And then as she said to the servants “Do whatever He tells you.”

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