Thursday, March 4, 2021

Evidence of Healing


Want to know why we are smiling today?! It’s because my husband has finally proposed after all these years! 6 kids later! 23 yrs. together. KIDDING. kidding. I couldn’t resist. He proposed to me almost 24 yrs. ago. Down on one knee, with a dozen roses, before our Lord in the tabernacle, immediately after he was confirmed in the Church. A Catholic girl fairy-tale ❤️. 

I have not been able to wear the engagement part of my wedding ring though for many years. Due to swollen fingers and inflammation from reactions and eczema. 

Today. It slipped right on. 

I have been working with an out of town doctor now since last summer who has helped me in they past (a bit unconventional) and have seen incredible progress. I’ve been able to add back several foods to my diet, my skin is looking healthier than it has in a long time, no more debilitating reactions or reoccurring staph infections, and more recently, some gut health related supplements have really made a difference in my digestive issues. 

I thought I would share what I am doing. I am drinking 1/4 cup of pure aloe vera twice a day, taking a tsp. of an ion supplement (pictured) twice a day, taking a digestive enzyme called Serenaid every time I eat, plus a scoop of l-glutamine powder once a day. Prior to starting these, I often had bloating and stomach upset after every meal. But that is improving. In addition to these, I am still doing a series of drops and shots customized for immunotherapy treatment. 

If ever I was convinced that gut health is directly connected to skin health, in addition to many other systems in the body. It is now. 

Also, because I have been able to add many vegetables and fruits back to my diet, I am eating them at every meal, which I believe is adding to my overall healing. 

God be praised! 

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