Monday, March 1, 2021

Hope in God

 Hey friends. God has put it on my heart to try to share something true, beautiful, and good every day. So was thinking- Music Monday 🎼, where I can share music with you, songs that have meant a lot to me and some I wrote occasionally. I’m no movie star and don’t aim to be, but music is central to my life. God has always used it to touch me deeply. Then “Teaching Tuesday” something faith related, Wednesday I’m up for ideas? 🤔Health and Healing Thursday, and Food Fridays. Trim Healthy Mama is something I believe God is forming me in spiritually, mentally, and health-wise, so I look forward to sharing that goodness with you too on food/health posts. 

This song “Hope in God” written by Dennis Jernigan (you may be familiar with his song “All in All” which has made its way into many praise and worship hymnals) has ministered to me many times. I taught it to my children when they were little. And hope the message will always be ingrained in their hearts. When God is your God, you always have hope. Always. God bless you. 

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