Sunday, March 28, 2021

Meditations on the Mysteries of the Rosary: The Crowning of Thorns


The third sorrowful mystery of the rosary, the Crowning of Thorns, has me simply, on my knees. With Mary, together before Him, I watch as her Son, deserving of all honor and glory and adoration, is mocked in the very essence of who He is, Lord and King. With great humility snd self control, He receives it all, out of love for us, the spitting, jeers, blows, and piercing thorns in His sacred head. 

I kneel before Him and as I watch, I say, “I’m sorry Lord! for all the times you have not been king in all areas of my life. I’m sorry also Lord, for the many times your name is taken in vain, for the many times things that are holy pertaining to you, and your sacrifice for us, are made light of, or not reverenced as deserved.” I make reparation for these, because I am in fact, my brother’s keeper, and I ask forgiveness for those that do not. I worship and adore Him and ask Him for even an inkling of the level of humility He has in this beautiful act of love. King Jesus, may your name be praised, today and forever. 

For more simple meditations on the mysteries of the rosary, and a brief introduction to the rosary, please check out the tab titled “Meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary” in the menu bar. A very blessed Palm Sunday to you all! 

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