Saturday, April 3, 2021

Meditations on the Mysteries of the Rosary: The Crucifixion

Isaiah 53:4
Isaiah 53:4 

The 5th Sorrowful mystery of the rosary, is the Crucifixion. There is one reason Christ Jesus is on the cross. Perfect love.  You may be tempted to look at a crucifix and only feel guilt. Or horror that the human race is capable of such a thing. But consider, He had the power to end it at any moment, and to destroy those inflicting pain upon Himself, but love kept Him there. 

All consuming love that He could not contain, and the desire to save our soul so He could be with us, overcame all fear, sorrow, exhaustion, and pain He was enduring. But not only for Himself. 

This is what has me in awe. He took on all of OUR fear, exhaustion, sorrow and pain. He took on the worst of what life had to give us and wanted to experience it, for love of us. When you look up at the cross and see His arms outstretched, see them extended to you in desperate love. When you see them overextended, see how much He has in His hands. All your suffering in this life, He says to you “I have taken it upon myself. Come and rest in my love.” 

If we were to ask our Lady, what she saw on His face and in His eyes when she gazed up at Him hanging there on the cross, herself desperate for His relief, desperate even to take some of His suffering upon herself (as all mothers do when watching their child suffer) she would say “All I saw was love. Uncontrollable, unrelenting love, for you.” 

And so I stand at the foot of the cross with Mary His mother, Mary Magdalene and John, and as I pray this decade, I gaze up at the face of love. 

He is in the tomb today friends, but Easter is coming. God bless you. 


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