Friday, April 16, 2021

Trim Healthy Mama- a path to Healthy Living

I am sharing something today I believe is true and good. Many years ago I read a book called “Trim Healthy Mama” by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. Trim Healthy Mama is a way to learn how to eat with a sense of freedom, celebrating all the food groups that God gave to us, but tempered with self control and the wisdom to know where you are on your health journey and what season of life you are in, forming a picture of what that looks like for you. 

The 2 women who wrote the book are sisters, moms of big families, grew up in a pastor’s family home; both very unique in their approach to food and cooking, but they tried ALL the diets and they came to the common ground, that if God gave us all these beautiful foods, there must be a way to eat them, enjoy life, AND be healthy. It’s not just about losing weight although you are given the tools to do that if you need it. It’s about strengthening your immune system, having a healthy gut biome, balancing your hormones, keeping your blood sugar stable, and even healthy positive thinking- living without fear, depression, anxiety, and with the confidence that God is in control of your life. 

I tried following their dietary principles about 7 yrs. ago, and felt like I had finally found the right fit for my body. But several years in, I had to take an antibiotic, throwing my immune system completely out of whack for the 2nd time in the last 10 years. I had whittled my diet down to just a few foods, and had to eat what I didn’t react to, which was barely anything. I started working with a new health specialist (one in a long line of doctors/specialists). He did some bloodwork, urine/stool analysis, and while I learned a few things, after about a year of his recommended diet (keto) some intermittent fasting, and more supplements than I can list, I had lost any progress made at the start, and found myself sitting on the couch a lot, completely drained of energy. I started to believe this was the new me. After all, I was getting older. My thyroid didn’t work anymore, I have more food sensitivities than anyone I’ve ever met, and a wrecked gut to heal. It may never heal. These are the things I told myself.  

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There are other things I was thinking over my life too, about relationships, and the future.

When I went from Keto to THM. Fruit was suddenly my friend again! No more restricting to only berries or very small amounts. I had to retrain my thinking around the goodness of carbs for my body’s healing. 

My husband encouraged me to go to a doctor in Charleston I had seen in the past to help me get back on my feet, and as his immunotherapy began to help decrease my inflammation and allow me to add back foods, I began praying and asking God to show me how to eat. 

Every time I did, Trim Healthy Mama came to mind. So I started looking up all things related and found their podcast. I started listening, thinking I would get a refresher on the plan. Instead what has been happening, is a slow transformation of the mind. I stopped saying things like “I’m old.” “My thyroid doesn’t work well.” “This relationship will never get better.” “My gut will never heal” and started saying “I am a daughter of the Father and my life begins today.” “God is healing my gut.” “God is healing my thyroid.” “God is going to heal these relationships.” In addition I stopped focusing on all the gut healing things I couldn’t do, and started doing the few things I was able to, daily. I started eating healthy carbs, less fat, and began noticing my energy level daily increase, my waistline steadily decrease. I am not necessarily focused on weight loss, though I have a healthy number in mind. I am focused on healing my body, and leading it to its fullest potential- the potential God intends for me. Not what the world says I have or can have. Or even what I say I have. What He thinks I am capable of. 

One of my favorite soups in the Trim Healthy Table cookbook. “Trim Train Italian Soup” gut healing, very filling, and can work with any of the fuel settings. 

I am not there yet but I’m going to be. My mind and thought processes aren’t there yet, but they will be. Change takes time and the willingness to be changed. 

I’m telling you this for this very simple reason. Maybe, just maybe it’s your answer. For physical and emotional healing. Maybe it’s what you need to move into that place of freedom and truly living life to the fullest. If there’s a chance it is, I had to share it. 

If you have questions about it please feel free to ask me. I am not a sales representative, they don’t even know who I am. Just a huge believer in what they are doing. And grateful for the good it has brought to me.  

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