Monday, May 24, 2021

Yellow Sauce, Low Carb & Low Fat

 This is a really simple sauce I started making for myself. On Trim Healthy Mama I could actually use it in any setting: S-Satisfying, E-Energizing or FP- Fuel Puel. It is dairy free, coconut free, soy free, low carb and low fat. 

You will need the following: 

7 yellow summer squash, peeled and cut up 

1&1/2 cups broth 

1-2 Tb. Beef tallow 

1 tsp. Paprika 

1 tsp. onion powder 

1 tsp. sea salt 

A high powered blender

Put all ingredients in a large skillet. Cover and let simmer on low to medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the squash is very mushy and the broth is all cooked out of it. Let cool slightly and purée in the blender. You might need to add back a little water to get the blades turning. Blend until smooth. I make a lot of lean meat or fish/ vegetable skillet meals and I love topping them with a couple tablespoons of this! There are about 2 carbs in 1/4 cup. I am learning that I have to eat small amounts of fat for my own gut health right now, and this is a perfect  replacement for the much higher fat bernaise sauce I used to put on everything. Enjoy. 😊

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